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Near-Infrared Light Therapy to Attenuate Strength Loss After Strenuous Resistance Exercise

In this innovative research, the authors are trying to confirm how NIR therapy can become a tool to speed up recovery and enhance the contractile function of skeletal muscles. Connecting laser therapy to muscle functions is a relatively new approach. The new findings are quite important and can become a new sub-field of the rehabilitation discipline.

Non-destructive evaluation of strength and stiffness of Eucalyptus pellita. A comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy and acoustic wave velocity assessment

The implementations of near-infrared tech have been growing at a fast pace recently. One exciting field is NIR spectroscopy. When combined with acoustic wave velocity assessment, those technologies can provide a clever and non-destructive way to evaluate the qualities of the Eucalyptus pellita. This type of wood is used as a solid and veneer product. Qualifying the properties of the wood preemptively can become a substantial economic growth factor.

A Critical Review on Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems against COVID-19 Outbreak: Applicability, Validation, and Safety Considerations

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global health-threatening crisis all around the globe. This dire situation fueled the researchers’ efforts to dive deeper into the potential of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. This technology makes it possible to disinfect bio contaminated air and surfaces at different facilities, ranging from hospitals and healthcare facilities to shopping malls and airports. The potential for UV sterilization is becoming a promising solution. Find more information inside the review.