Step Into The Future with Red Light Therapy

There are thousands of studies regarding the impacts of Red Light and Near Infrared (NIR) light on the human body. HEX Equipment offers non-invasive, profitable recovery light modalities that are effective through clothing and can be operated hands free. All equipment can be operated without specialized staff training.

The REBOOT system, the HEX red light wellness booth, helps relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize members. Feedback from members has been excellent. Reports from the field are that members sleep better, and muscles recover faster after workouts; members are using this system either before or after their workout. The REBOOT system is an excellent service to boost upgrade membership sales percentages and bottom-line profits.

HEX Equipment also offers a full line of the world’s most powerful low level cold laser devices that are built for exceptional results. HEX RX Near Infrared (NIR) devices have multiple patents and the product line includes mobile, spot treatment equipment to full body systems. NIR equipment lends itself to be a separate income center and could be a totally separate recovery modality drawing in people for packages of treatments who are not members.

RX Near Infrared (NIR) therapy equipment is used as an adjunct therapy to help recover quicker from physical injury as well as for cosmetic applications. Use of this equipment quickly decreases inflammation allowing for increased circulation, resulting in assistance with healing an injury. NIR can help speed up recovery from sports injuries such as ligament, spinal and joint issues including sprain, pulls and breaks; it can help produce testosterone naturally. NIR can also be used to assist with cell level healing including ATP production, pain management and wound care. Cosmetic applications NIR has been used for increasing collagen production for skin repair such as reduction of brown spots, sun damage, decreasing fine lines, wrinkles and acne as well as decreasing the appearance of cellulite. With so many beneficial adjunct applications the HEX NIR equipment can be successfully used nearly everywhere. It is a simple, effective, and profitable service to incorporate.

Not all NIR equipment is the same and does not provide the same results. There is a massive amount of new equipment that can be seen on the internet today; buyer beware, many advertised claims are completely unsubstantiated for the equipment advertised. HEX RX NIR equipment is the only near infrared equipment that provides 10 peak wavelengths of light measuring between 590 nm and 1200 nm and the output from each light is substantially higher than any other NIR equipment on the market. Why is this important? The higher the wattage of the lamp, the wider the coverage
area, the higher the wavelength of the light, the deeper usage at least 3 times weekly.

HEX Equipment is a proud leader in the fitness and wellness industry. Since 1979 they have provided long lasting, virtually maintenance free lighting equipment and unparalleled customer support worldwide. Higher value memberships in the everexpanding wellness market are created by providing members with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different lighting recovery amenities in one place. HEX state-of-the-art equipment allows innovative-minded business owners to take their regimen to the next level for the quickest return on investment.

Relax, Re-Charge And Recover!